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Presumably one of the hottest music acts of year 2006, Cobra Starship sure has great potentiality to keep generating buzz up to the end of the year if looking on the hectic schedule containing a number of gigs they are attached to carry out.Continuing their participation in Jerry's Kids Short Bus Tour '06 alongside Gym Class Heroes, Hangar 18, and Patent Pending, the band will next make a stop at Bamboozle Left in Pomona, California on October 14 before joining the likes of 30 Seconds to Mars also The Pink Spiders to highlight MTV2 Bill Welcome To The Universe.Guitarist Ryland Blackinton takes pride in more than just having his family hear it: “My douchebag neighbor plays it from his car stereo and I’m just kind of like, [we’ve come] full circle.” But it was pride of another type that we asked Saporta about: Does he, as a chosen person, feel special representing for Jewish rockers?“I’m not a Jewish person in terms of, like, religion,” he answered, in part.The contention that we can divide half the world’s population into the good and the bad is pretty fucked.

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You know that song where you mostly just say “I make them good girls go bad” over and over again accompanied by loud noises and the video clip has Leighton Meester in it for some reason? I really tried to do a close reading of the music clip for clues but I always get distracted and bored before that clip ends so I never really get the Narrative Arc. If we were going to divide all women up into these two arbitrary categories, we have to decide how to do it. There are nerdy girls in the corner with thick glasses, unshaven body hair and no interest in sexy lingerie who will fuck your brains out. Multitudes of fashion decisions and desires and interests and it’s not your job (or anyone else’s, regardless of gender) to categorize them as good or bad.Yeah, the patriarchy is totally on top of that shit.So why are you making music that reinforces they idea that such a dichotomy exists?Now let’s get onto the whole, sex makes you bad business.Your song implies that a man is able to change this good/bad girl distinction, presumably with his penis, or tongue or whatever?

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