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" But when she got to the rendezvous point, an intruder appeared instead, and tied her up! A tied-up scene..." [October 11] Grabbed for ransom by a gang of thugs -- CHRISTIANA CINN was terrified!But then one member of the gang (DONNIE ROCK) became sympathetic toward Christiana and decided to rescue her.[October 30] This scene is also available as a clip download at FM Concepts!The intruder left happy -- but he left behind two very unhappy captives!CHRISTIANA CINN had been working at the firm for a few months before she noticed that Floor 13 wasn't being used any more.After sneaking up there a few times to look around, she phoned her boyfriend. I've always fantasized about having sex on an office desk, and now I've found a place where we can do it undisturbed! [October 18] Casting Director CHRISTIANA CINN: "Your audition went great, and I'm pretty sure you'll get the part! " Christiana: "We just need to get a screen test for one scene that's going to be very important.but she's not going to free him, because she's still pissed at him!Finally she's done toying with him, and leaves him alone, unsatisfied.

[November 29] Welcome to Hollywood, Part 5: DUSTIN DARING is stripped to his underwear and after some struggling on the couch his captor connects his hands to his bare feet and puts poor Dustin in a hogtie!As he struggles to free himself from the bandana gag and rope bondage he slowly inches his way down a staircase before getting caught by his captor![October 23] This scene is also available on video at FM Concepts!With his tape gag wrapped around is head there's no getting the gag loose enough to call for help so Dustin works himself up to a standing position and tries to hop away![November 13] This scene is also available as a video download in the feature Welcome to Hollywood!

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