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Incidentally, most of these programs are ported from their C counterparts.

So, if you want to learn Data Structures in C/C , you'll still find this document useful!

I also think that this document is a pretty good introduction to in general.

All these concepts can be applied in any programming language.

Java is an Object Oriented language, but more so than C , so, most data structure concepts are expressed and illustrated ) I suggest that you be familiar with Java format, and know some other programming language in advance.

Coincidentally, I and a couple of my friends are in the process of writing a C language book, which deals with all that "start up" stuff.

I am thinking of making this server just a single physical server with the base OS only, does the incompatibility you mentioned earlier apply to that as well, or is it just when using virtualization? The same drivers that are having issues with the integration components will have issues with other updates. The problem was this update: KB3000850KB3000850 and, specifically, having created Generation 2 VMs with Secureboot enabled.

(Another nearly identical virtual server on this host that has not been updated is working perfectly.) After running all available windows updates, the virtual server gets stuck at the Hyper-V screen and says "updating your system (6%)" and never proceeds. ) a known compatibility issue with some main board drivers and the 2012 R2 integration services, and the server was old enough that Dell was not going to release updated drivers adding support.I had to apply all updates again, which of course I did rather gingerly :) So my hunch is that maybe the problem was not with the age of the OP's Dell ?Well, yes, I did, obviously, but it doesn't say how to recover from the problem if you didn't read the KB article until after you applied the update, as I didn't :) and, perhaps, neither did the OP nor other future finders of this thread, hence reporting my get-out-of-jail tactic which saved me a ton of grief and might help others in the future. I ended up just rebuilding a new VM on a different host since there was nothing on it but the base install of windows and one round of updates.If you find problems and/or errors, please let me know.Although this document should be read in sequence, it is divided into several major sections, here they are: Variables Arrays Array Stack Array Queue Array List The Vector Nodes Linked Lists Reusing Tricks Trees Generic Tree Comparing Objects Binary Search Trees Tree Traversals Node Pools Node Pool Nodes Node Pool Generic Trees Node Pool Sort Trees Priority Vectors Sorting Sorting JDK 1.2 Style Sorting using Quicksort Optimizing Quicksort Radix Sort Improving Radix Sort Reading and Writing Trees (Serialization) Deleting items from a Binary Search Tree Determining Tree Depth Advanced Linked Lists Doubly Linked Lists (with Enumeration) Binary Space Partition Trees (BSP) Binary Space Partition Tree DEMO (Dog 3D) Binary Space Partition Tree DEMO with Lighting (Dog 3D) Kitchen Sink Methods Java Native Interface (JNI) Bibliography Special Thanks Contact Info In contrast to what most people think about Java, it being a language with no pointers, data structures are quite easy to implement.

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