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Crosby missed significant time over the course of several seasons battling injuries, most notably concussions.

That June, Crosby lifted the first of his two Stanley Cups, the first of two treks through the playoffs that have gone through Ovechkin and the Caps. It is both unfair and inevitable that these two players — a soft-spoken Nova Scotian and a hard-driving Muscovite — will be forever linked. But even as other themes will emerge over the course of the next two weeks, history almost certainly will define this series as Sid vs. “We respect each other,” Ovechkin said this week, and now, as he is in his 30s, you believe him.

He's the best in the world for a reason.'' One intent on guiding the Penguins to a third consecutive Cup, something that hasn't been done since the New York Islanders ripped off four straight in the early 1980s, long before the salary cap came around, a move designed to level the playing field both financially and competitively.

It didn't look like that last spring as the Penguins raced by Columbus, outlasted Washington and Ottawa then pulled away from the upstart Predators in the final.

''Focusing on coming out and getting a good start, that's usually the tough part, to have every guy on the same page in the beginning of the year to really dig down and make sure you win those games,'' he said.

On that night all those years ago, their roles were sketched out clearly.

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