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This is where she is at her most powerful, and is often where she performs most of her Magical Girl work, mentally preparing and giving advice to people who need it. La Pucelle is mostly known as the Dragon Knight, thanks to having a dragon tail, and generally having a dragon motif as an outfit.

Reunited with Snow White as her longtime childhood friend, La Pucelle has pledged to protect and guard Snow White during the duration of the elimination contest.

Her ability is that she has a broomstick that can travel at breakneck speeds.

The broomstick itself is named A Magical Girl living in the temple district of the city.

She also shows affection for her fellow teammates as well.Not only can it become a BFS, it can also become microscopic as well. Top Speed is one of the few veteran Magical Girls of the group.She's sarcastic and a bit of a jokester, and as Ripple's mentor, this sometimes means that Ripple might not quite get along well with her.Her ability is to never miss a target with anything she throws.Consequently, she has shurikens as her weapons, as well as a Katana for self-defense. Nemurin is one of the few veteran Magical Girls of the group.

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