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Waiting for these days to pass is killing me slowly!!! My breast pain is a little more intense now and my nipples occassionally feel like i am getting a nipple cripple! I will pray for you and all you other ladies who are hoping for a BFP! I'm now on CD 29 (cycles are irregular but have been between 28 and 33 days) and sorry for TMI, but I still have creamy / sticky CM today with a waking temp of 36.6 and cervix is high and closed. Do any of you think this is a good sign at this point in the cycle ? FF has just given me my coverline, but I'm not sure I understand it all ... have attached my chart to my sigthanks heaps in advance.I have been checking my temps over the past week with my morning temp being 37.0 consistently every morning. looking forward to your thoughts My boobs are a bit bigger today, (I have cleavage!!! And the boobs are really itchy too (weird) The crampy pains are still hanging around, as they have been since ovulation (which is unusual too) and am still gassy and the the funky taste in my mouth comes n goes Need to pee about every hour, is that normal???Ive been trying to get pregnant for the past 4 months and just got a positive ... I still have four more sleeps until I should test and the wait seems like forever. i have also been having a tingly sensation about 2 inches below my belly button. but this has only happened once or twice since this morning.- yesterday afternoon i felt like falling asleep at my work desk cos i was so tired.- i have had a bit of white wet cm but nothing excessive- lower back pain- i get really uncomfortable when i need to pee and i have to pee straight away.but found it hard to find any really really early pregancy signs..thought I would share mine with all those of you looking for the same things (while still fresh in my mind). I dont want to get too excited as i sometimes get very similar symptoms when AF is coming. I don't know if I am pregnant or not (too soon to tell) but I have a few possible symptoms, some of which I didn't think of but are on your list! And my fingers are crossed for you other ladies as well. I dont want to test until AF is at least a day late.But i normally start getting symptoms from ovulation onwards. A huge congrats, i hope it's a sticky one I'm in the 2WW also, only 7DPO so far too early to test.Would be interested to hear if everyones symptoms are the real deal or in fact in our imagination....Would be so much easier if PG signs and AF signs were more distinctively different.

do my symptoms (although only few) sound promising?

The packet said that result is deemed as inconclusive.

Tested the following day at 13 dpo and got a BFP Morning all I presume I am 14DPO today (CD 31 - and I can be anywhere between 28 and 35 days) Although FF tells me otherwise re DPO - (see chart in sig), so I POAS this morn but got a Still no AF which I guess is a good sign....

Bellefin ~ Thank you for posting that I've just read through those posts on your link and am experiencing most of those early pregnancy symptoms - now i'm also having a feeling like AF is coming (bloating/cramps/soreness) etc and also a slight metallic taste in my mouth. Wish me luck - i'd love to do one now - but know that first morning wee is best for testing Would love to hear the other ladies' news, if they have any as yet! Off to bed now I tested at 12 dpo and got an inconclusive result.

The test window came up with one line but the control line didnt come up at all.

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