Tips on love sex and dating

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Foreplay is rather important for prolonged sex, and women love a man who can indulge in a bit of long foreplay.

But if one of you isn’t a big fan of building the momentum up, scented body oils are a great way to prolong the act of sex.

#4 Fragrances and oils There’s no sensual bedroom sex without scented candles, fragrances and oils.

Now this may not be something you can do every night, what with all the oily sheets the next morning, but this can be an occasional luxury that can be indulged in.

When you use softer yellowish lighting that resembles a burning fireplace, you feel warmer and calmer.

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But when it comes to the bedroom, always remember that softer, mellow lighting is always better to help you set the mood.

Wear lacy lingerie or loose silk robes that reveal, but not completely.

Tempt your partner and arouse them, but don’t reveal all until you’re already in the act.

#6 Aphrodisiacs Your love décor is definitely incomplete without these little edible love enhancers.

It doesn’t matter if it’s strawberries, chocolate syrup or an edible body paint, as long as you bring something into bed.

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