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The other non-negotiable is Cheryl's beloved chihuahua Buster, who not only came to their 2006 wedding, but had his own diamante-encrusted outfit.

Clearly no prisoner to the diktats of good taste, Cheryl entered the ranks of the super-wealthy some time ago.

But Cheryl is, it seems, the style goddess of the moment - she has the most desired hairstyle, tops every fashion poll and sells magazines like no one else.

But then, as Dolly Parton famously remarked: 'You'd be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap.' If it was not being worn by Cheryl Cole, a delectable Geordie Tinkerbell, who is only 5ft 3in tall and takes a size four dress, it would undoubtedly look even worse than it does.Adcock says: 'Cheryl does the ladylike look really well.' Strachan provides Cheryl with all-out glamour.Hailing from Blackpool, he worked with Kylie, putting her in feathers and sequins, and with Girls Aloud, providing them with black bondage-inspired corsets for their tour.Cheryl's spokesman says: 'She dresses herself for The X Factor auditions, but when the show goes live a stylist comes on board.She does not use a stylist day-to-day.' For both stylists she spends about £45,000 a year.

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