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Nikki and Kim's dream vacation in Mexico turns into a nightmare after they're kicked out of the country, and then exposed to a potentially deadly virus on the plane ride home and quarantined.Kim and Nikki go crazy under house arrest, as does Professor Oglevee when he unwittingly exposes himself to the virus by entering their house."Dear friends, let us ask the Lord, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church, for the grace to never fall into the temptation of thinking we can make it without others, that we can get along without the Church, that we can save ourselves alone, of being Christians of the laboratory. A Christian is part of a people who comes from afar.On the contrary, you cannot love God without loving your brothers, you cannot love God outside of the Church; you cannot be in communion with God without being so in the Church." Ephesians 2:8,9 (KJV)Pope Francis gave a sermon on June 25th in Rome, where he dispelled any and all lingering doubt about how the Vatican views worldwide Christianity. The Christian belongs to a people called the Church and this Church is what makes him or her Christian, on the day of Baptism, and then in the course of catechesis, and so on.Cliff Rogers was the former ex-boyfriend of Nikki, the two got separated when Nikki decided to let Cliff go because he had gambling problems. He makes a big promise to give up his gambling habit and decides to spend the night with Nikki and Kim thanks to Kim's help.Then afterwords after a big change in life, Nikki decides to realize that Cliff has changed, but not on what Kim heard, cause after what he's been doing, he was gambling with "T" into taking his earring away, and he did.We have In the past 2,000 years the pagan-based Catholic Church system has been the hands-down, far and away, number one murderer of Christians on the face of the earth.

But Nikki makes a comeback by offending Garland with skinny jokes.After Kim unveils her new designs at a sorority fashion show, her creations catch the eye of Professor Oglevee's mother, Camille, who owns a chain of boutiques.Kim is thrilled when Camille places a huge order for one of her designs, but delivering the goods in time might mean putting college on hold, and incurring the wrath of Nikki.Then in keeping it a secret, Kim decides to buy "T" a new ring.But when Nikki finds out that "T" was gambling with Cliff, she decides to confront him immediately by battling him in a game of cards.

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