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An XML document is typically parsed by an XML parser, which creates an in-memory logical data structure for navigating the document. The most common do not usually care what the tags are as long as they are well formed.

Sometimes a parser can validate an XML document against a set of rules that limit the document to only a certain subset of tags. The two most popular mechanisms for parsing XML documents are to create a Document Object Model (DOM) tree or to use the event-based Simple API for XML (SAX) model.

Create an instance, load a schema into the Xml Validating Reader.

Errors are displayed in a console window, and a final Boolean variable is returned to indicate the success or failure of the entire validation operation. Validation error: The 'expiry Date' element has an invalid value according to its data type. Add(schemas); // Load the document and validate it at the same time.

XPath Document xpath = new XPath Document("person.xml"); //here un Sort Xml is ur input XML. Transform(xpath, null, Streamdata, null); FYI, u can write different types of transformation on single XML.

Stream Streamdata = new File Stream(Map Path("Out.xml"), File Mode.

An XML document can be validated against a DTD (the set of rules that define the type and structure of the XML tags) or an XML schema.

This chapter looks at C#'s API for DOM and SAX parsing of XML documents.

either using code behind or using some third party tool..say for an example: I have defined the element box in xsd file with attributes: length, width, height now I want to make a data table which will be able to store box type rows.in other words, the resulting table should have columns: height, width, length I really need this help soon because at the moment I am wasting a lot of my time on hard coding this (column by column for the table) Thanks in advance!//^w肳ĂȂf[^Zbg̓ǂݍ Xml Document doc = new Xml Document(); Xml Text Reader tr = new Xml Text Reader("./Data Set Request.xml"); Xml Validating Reader reader = new Xml Validating Reader(tr); reader. Schema是用于描述和规范XML文档的逻辑结构的一种语言,它最大的作用就是验证XML文件逻辑结构的正确性。可以理解成与DTD(文档类型定义)功 能差不多,但是Schema在当前的WEB开发环境下优越很多。因为它本身就是一个有效的XML文档,因而可以更直观地了解XML的结构。除此之 外,Schema支持命名空间,内置多种简单和复杂的数据类型,并支持自定义数据类型。由于存在这么多的优点,所以Schema渐渐成为XML应用的统一 规范。使用Xml Validating Reader类验证读取Xml文档 . Validation Event Handler =new Validation Event Handler(v Callback); 参数v Callback是回调处理程序的方法名称,这个方法必须包含一个Validation Event Args类型的参 数,Validation Event Args 类具有针对以下各项的属性:文本消息,表示 Error 或 Warning 的 Xml Severity Type 枚举,以及包含与特定验证错误关联的 Xml Schema Exception 信息的异常。 : private void v Callback(object sender, Validation Event Args args) 这一步不是必须的,如果你能保证错误不会发生或者发生就发生去吧! 6、执行验证读操作 做完以上准备工作后,你可以使用Xml Validating Reader类的读方法开始验证读取Xml文档了。可以是 Read、Read Inner Xml、Read Outer Xml 中的任一种以及其他将改变接点的方法,如Skip()方法。这时,都将发生验证。 While(v Reader.

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