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After the viewing, "Segfault" received a standing ovation and immediate rave reviews.The film had left viewers with thought-provoking questions, leading many desirous to have one on one time with the cast.In 2000, she won the Best Short Prize at the Sundance Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival with Five Feet High and Rising, a short she cast, edited and produced.She followed that up with the feature Raising Victor Vargas, which she co-wrote.I could write a whole other post about what that was like, but ultimately my cast and crew were pros and everything went swimmingly and we all got to see Raul’s culo so all was good with the universe. The second scene also included actor Kevin Zegers as our “bad guy,” though the Lab’s Artistic Director Gyula Gazdag (or Master & Commander, as I affectionately call him) told me not to refer to characters as good or bad.And therein lay a major problem with one of my characters: Joe. He’s married, has two kids, and hits Nina from time to time, mostly when his power needs to be reinstated.TORONTO, ON, September 12, 2017 /24-7Press Release/ -- The independent thriller film "Segfault" successfully crashed the party after its premiere during Canada's prestigious Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) on Sunday.

Almost right away after finding out you’ve been accepted to the Sundance Directors Lab (for me, a dream come true) they also tell you to start thinking about which scenes you want to shoot there. The first scene I shot was a date leading to a sex scene with my wonderful actors Shannon Lucio and Raul Castillo.I get it, but that’s not the story I’m telling (although I want to write that one as well).But finally, and with Kevin Zegers in front of me willing to play, I took the challenge on.While we're still hoping to find out what happened to Ryan, Seth and co someday, we can at the very least see what the large cast has been up to since, and who has benefited the most from their time in Orange County. She has had various legal and health issues in the years following her character's death, but she has continued to act in a large amount of independent movies and one-off TV episodes, but nothing that you'll remember (except maybe a cameo in After having the recurring role of Seth AND Marissa's girlfriend Alex in season two, Olivia has gone to big success on both the big and small screens.Eva Vives is a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

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