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Fox felt that their mutual antipathy might not have stayed between the lines. The origin story Rodriguez unspools begins in 1996, when both were 20 years old and members of the Mariners’ organization—Ortiz in Single-A, Rodriguez with the big club.It includes a rained-out exhibition game between Rodriguez’s Mariners and Ortiz’s Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, which turned into an impromptu home run derby, which Ortiz won.

“I’m not saying that Alex was a bad person or anything. Ortiz’s longtime manager, Alex Radetsky, lists his client’s activities during the past year: “Endorsement deals. The first time it happened, he thought his feed had become scrambled – until he realized that it was Rodriguez, coaching his new partner. “Just be yourself.” **** For Ortiz, the secret to the universal popularity that evaded Rodriguez for so long is simple: he is always who he is, no matter what.David Ortiz dropped the most beloved public F-bomb of all time, so he is clearly a gifted orator. His greatest tutor, though, has been the person even he might have expected to be the least likely candidate. Fox researcher Anthony Masterson passes Rodriguez a thick packet of notes and stats as he walks by—a practiced handoff, by now.Still, the king of the postseason walk-off found himself feeling something he wasn’t accustomed to after Fox Sports hired him to sit in the center chair behind its pre- and post-game desk for this year’s baseball playoffs: nerves. Don’t look into the camera and try to make a fifteen second point.’ I think people like his delivery because it’s real. Rodriguez had a head start on Ortiz in the TV world.He says that he played through a partially torn Achilles tendon for his final five years.Eventually his other tendon became partially torn, too.

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