Infidelity while dating

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Some say they do it because they feel usurped by the impending arrival and fear their position in the family is being undermined.

Relate counsellor Denise Knowles, who has counselled many couples — with varied success — through these betrayals, says some men try to excuse these dalliances as an escape from the stress of stepping up to the role of father and family provider.

Apparently, he’d withdrawn £1,000 two months earlier, when I was pregnant with his child, as a deposit on a flat they were going to rent together as a little love nest.’Adele, 39, a learning support worker from Doncaster, rang her husband Paul, 40, at work and ordered him home — immediately.

He raced back, fearing something was wrong with his wife or son. The pain, Adele says, can best be described as a ‘glass figurine, thrown to the floor and shattering into a thousand pieces’.

And although we don't celebrate divorce in this country, we are not afraid of it, either. Did you or someone you know divorce after a long-term marriage?

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Sometimes, the couple's marriage can withstand the infidelity; other times, the breach of trust is too deep, and a split or divorce ensues.I suspect that it wasn’t so much an affair that sent Maria Shriver heading for the door, but more the fact that her husband had deceived her for so long.On top of that, she is dealing with public humiliation — as well as the destabilizing presence of a child.David and Holly Petraeus don't fit the mold, say, of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, since Holly Petraeus has not been nearly as prominent as her military-hero-turned-CIA-chief husband of 38 years.And we don't know, yet, whether their marriage will survive.

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