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Split ends, greasy hair or gray hair are some of many problems that are not easy to deal with.

Although people hair is not the same in terms of lengths, textures, and colors of their, these common hair problems are not different in nature.

Other disorders and health conditions that can result in hair loss include: Moreover, hair styling products are also believed to contribute to hair loss such as chemical or excessive heat.

t's disappointing to think that my sisters, who are two and five years younger than me and who aren't as familiar with the way in which magazines edit and approve images, would feel like they'd need to also straighten their natural hair to fit into society's definition of beauty.

Since expressing her disappointment at her braid being removed, Knowles has created the hashtag #dtmh in reference to her song, Don't Touch My Hair; a hashtag that Nyong’o also used on her own post.

Certain hair care practices, for example regularly bleaching, wearing tight ponytails or perming the hair also damage your hair’s quality.

See more: How to stop hair loss For the hair loss that relates to a medication, the solution is very simple.

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