Guerilla dating tactics

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Soldiers must sacrifice some democratic privileges in the effort to defeat the Japanese.Mao explains that guerrilla troops should have no conception of defense or battle lines.Mao states that guerrilla warfare is “a powerful special weapon with which we resist the Japanese and without which we cannot defeat them.” Mao explains how guerrilla warfare can only succeed if employed by revolutionaries because it is a political and military style.According to Mao, guerrilla warfare is a way for the Chinese to expel an intruder that has more arms, equipment, and troops.The urban guerrilla phenomenon is essentially one of industrialised society, resting both on the presence of large urban agglomerations where hideouts are easy to find and on a theory of alienation proper to the modern society of mass consumption.

Guerilla warfare needs to be decentralized to allow quickness and detachment.This movement found its mentor in the leader of the ephemeral Ação Libertadora Nacional, Carlos Marighela.Before his death in 1969 he wrote the Minimanual of the Urban Guerrilla which, between the polemics, gave clear advice on strategy and was quickly adopted by others around the world.They should attack orthodox Japanese troops from the front, the sides, and the rear.Guerrilla troops should always dictate the timing of conflicts with the enemy.

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