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If your product is a subscription or Creative Cloud membership, activation will take place once every 30 days for a subscription license check.

(This happens in the background) If you are not online for 30 days, your software will remind you to connect to the Internet.

Plug in the power adapter and measure voltage at the point where the DC-IN jack or DC harness (like in my case) connected to the motherboard.

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Sometimes it will shut down a few minutes after i launch windows, sometimes it will last an hour or two and then will shut down suddently I tryed many thing without success- Tryed to change my power supply- Tryed to change my memory- Tryed to change my hard disk and reinstall window- Tryed to change my graphic card- Tryed to put fresh thermal paste on my CPUI even tryed to change my power supply wire\power cord Nothing worked...

I have been using this computer for 3 years and never had any problem...

I don't understand whats going on My CPU temperature is normal and my case is very well ventilated.

A general advice, particularly after changing hardware, is to power everything down, including any routers, cable modems, switches, hubs, and the like, wait 10 seconds, then power them up again.

Rebooting without powering down is not enough in some cases.

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