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But when Chloe is injured by an elderly babysitter who has slipped into dementia, Linda wants to ensure that her child is never hurt again.Initially, Heather, the new babysitter, seems like the ideal addition to this practically perfect family.Despite the game's stellar action and wealth of features, including achievements and bonus weapons, dysfunctional controls turn a gold medal into a silver one.Adjusting to its inadequacies is possible, but shouldn't be necessary.Living in her family's secluded mansion, Audrina is kept alone and out of sight and is haunted by nightmares of her older sister, First Audrina, who was left for dead in the woods after an ...See full summary » Sam Gleason lives in a town where high school football is the backbone of the community.At no point does it feel natural or comfortable, leading to some unfortunate bumbling." Pocket Gamer's Tracy Erickson scored it 7 out of 10, giving it a "Bronze Award".

High School senior Mark Richards has never minded his overprotective widowed mother, Tanya, and is a good son to her as he prepares to go off to Princeton in the fall. See full summary » 15 yrs after she was left in a ditch, a young woman is contacted by a millionaire from NYC who claims to be her mother.

App Spy's Kelly Mitchell scored it 3 out of 5, arguing that the game could compete with Play Station titles graphically, but fell short in terms of gameplay; "Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes is an excellent third person shooter for those who are new to the genre but tends to fall short for those who are familiar with the series, and will leave fans feeling a bit disappointed." IGN's Levi Buchanan scored the game 6 out of 10.

He praised the graphics, but was highly critical of the controls; "There is a good game in here, but the awful controls just crush any chance of really getting at it.

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