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One of the questions to be put to the people in June 2019 is if voting rights should be extended to citizens living abroad.The proposed changes will allow people living outside the State to vote in presidential elections. Poll: Should citizens living abroad be allowed to vote in Ireland’s presidential elections?At the core of gratuity is the patients’ complete defencelessness.It’s a grey zone, where the paying party has no rights, cannot hold the doctor accountable for their promises and promises are often left unsaid: by handing over the envelope we offer ourselves into the graces of the authority.As we will see, this is often not only the fault of the doctors. Gratuity is the alpha and omega of Hungarian obstetrics, its basic principle of power: a system within the system.

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he Carpathian basin will belong to those who can fill it with their offspring,” once said Nicolae Ceausescu [Secretary General of the Romanian Communist Party between 1965-1989], the previous “Genius of the Carpathians.” More recently, Szilárd Németh [an MP from the ruling party Fidesz] made a similar statement, adding that he is willing to do anything for 300,000 new children to be born by 2030.

Including the referendum on abortion, three other questions will be put to the people next year.

In 2019, another three referendums will take place.

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