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Man is the most important social creatures of all mammals.

Hence for a certain time an individual may spend their life in a lonely manner, but that won’t be forever.

The Goldman Sachs appointees are making Wall Street safe for the continued asset-stripping of the USA.

The last time I checked, Hillary’s gang did not oppose either of these endeavors.

Hence you must be in need of someone who will help to scavenge your lonely times as well as will spend quality time with you as just like your family.

Hence, the intellectual decay of American life in which spin is everything, anything goes, and nothing matters.

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The latest manifestation of this dynamic is the curious movement that styles itself , lately adopted by the grotesque handmaiden of the Deep State that the Democratic Party became in the regency of Hillary Clinton.

Its mission is to undo the results of the last national election by claiming that Russia undid it.

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