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For parents looking for things to do in Dubai with kids, why not relive the thrill of early Americas in the 1950´s and walk through an urban street bustling with excitement and entertainment - from jugglers to live entertainment.

Enjoy the lofty structures, palm trees, and glamorous neon signage all around you.

The Dubai Moving Image Museum, one of only a handful of museums in the world focusing on the history of the moving image, is the first and only one of its kind in the Middle East.

Located just minutes away from the Internet City Metro station and directly off Sheikh Zayed Road.

Surrounded by the river, you will be able to enjoy various festivals and concerts at the large outdoor venue.

The 19th century architectural theme adds to the character of this piazza that connects the various districts of Riverland™ Dubai via impressive bridges.

The progression of science and the art of entertainment have always run side by side, ultimately culminating with the birth of the motion picture film.

The Dubai Moving Image Museum showcases this progression, exhibiting the development of visual entertainment from its inception to the birth of modern-day cinema.

We hope residents and visitors to Dubai will come together to celebrate with us and create great memories that last a lifetime and also join us as we try and break the world record for the largest coloring book in the world!The Moving Image Museum in Dubai features numerous interactive aspects, allowing for guests of all ages to fully experience the rich history of the moving image by viewing and playing with objects such as peeping into an eighteenth century Dutch peepbox viewer, or turning the reel of an early twentieth century mutoscope to see the flicker effect!Among the first expressions of imagery was the use of shadow.Since the earliest days of civilization, man has been fascinated with the concept of capturing movement.From prehistoric cave drawings based on light and shadow, to the digital age of cinema, the desire to capture, manipulate, and reproduce images and movement has been widespread.

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