Updating a sql table from excel Cuckold palace chat

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You are telling me what you are trying to do rather than what you want to do, which quite honestly is irrelevant to me as I know you don't really know how to do it. Hope this is the last post on this one from my side and expecting the reply from you.

I am able to execute the query with the values hold in Col A, Col B, Split Month, Split Year for each iteration and I'm getting the ID's too in sql.

Point of note, I suffered a slight problem on my machine because it is 64Bit, I received the error message “DTS_E_OLEDB_EXCEL_NOT_SUPPORTED” – Have a read of these two articles: here and here.

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I am going to assume you know the basics of SSIS and so will start from the perpective of a new project in BIDS. Now that is in place, both streams of data need to be sorted by the ID columns (note, make sure you pass through the columns you have just converted and don’t pass through the Excel columns. We will perform the left outer join and the conditional to determine if each row is either a new row or existing row. Double click on the Merge Join, select the UID column from the database, and the UID, First Name, Surname, and Age columns from the Excel Source. Remeber to change the join type to Left outer Join Now we can perform the conditional split: 1.

Now things get exciting, we want to create a data flow that queries both the Excel File and the database table, both will need to be sorted on the same column, and then we perform a left outer join. Configure the Excel Source to open our Excel file (you will need to create an Excel Connection manager) 3. Configure the OLE DB source to reference the person table (you will need to create an OLE DB Connection manager instance) 5. Double click the conditional split and configure as shown below: This will now give us two streams coming out of the conditional split, those belonging to the the New Row and those belonging to the Existing Row. Configure the OLD DB Destination to insert to the person table 3.

weather am i going or thinking in a not possible way? I have an Excel table that I use to update a JMP data table 2-3 times per week.However, after retrieving the Excel file, the source script gets changed when I use the Tables platform to perform the update. Drag the line from the DB Sort to the Merge Join 5. Drag the line from the Excel Sort to the Merge Join, this will be your Merge Left Input 4.

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