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Paradoxically, they may also deplete the emotional content of relationships: the idea of abundance of potential partners 'at a mouseclick' may minimize incentives for sustained commitment to getting to know other people, especially irrespective of their 'mating' potential.In a nutshell, just like any other technology, online dating is a mixed bag: it can enable us to meet more people and in a different way, but, in the end, it cannot do the work of relationship-building for us. Humans are social beings: we gain meaning, purpose, fulfilment, contentment, drama, prosperity, knowledge, understanding from interacting with other people.

Essentially, being online looking for genuine love can feel like swimming in a barrel of rats.

A few aspects in which online dating may influence longer-term societal dynamics warrant mentioning, though.

First, online platforms may give women more control in the context of heterosexual interactions (one app, Bumble, has been developed explicitly with this in mind), and thus help subvert some of the stereotypes in terms of who should be making the first move.

Online dating apps and websites can be dark and lonely places for those who are looking for a traditional relationship.

But they can also offer a protective boundary, a new way to explore the world and those around you.

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