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Passion for the truth is a thing highly questionable in its very self. It must be kept within bounds so it does not become masochistic or self-destructive. The thing you might need above all else in reading this book is an imagination.

I will be showing you the Grand Canyon through a drinking straw at times.

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I am no literary genius and don’t expect everything I say to be understood, but if you would like to know what my experiences have been like, and what I am like, I will try my best to show you What do I think of this book? I find it odious and unattractive and am very saddened that I wrote it. It took on a life of its own and when I now step back and look at what I created I regard it with distaste.I am certainly not a man who is at peace with his life, but on the contrary I despise it as I have never before despised anything. Being imprisoned in the nightmarish cage of paraplegia has done all manner of violence to the deepest parts of me. I lived with the feeling that I was a very rare person. There are many people who have a lot of the same capacities and virtues that I did. Shakespeare said, “honesty’s a fool and loses what it works for”.This is often true in dealing with others but my truthfulness has a great deal to do with how I relate to myself.The book is my creation but is also in many ways foreign to me for I am living in a foreign land.Most generally perhaps it is just the thoughts that passed through my head over the twenty months I spent moving toward death. That is the virtue that is developed to an extraordinarily high degree in me.

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