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Coincidentally, the show premiered on the same date (September 19) that Woolery's former show, Wheel of Fortune, debuted its syndicated edition in 1983.

As of 1993, among the couples who met on the show, there were a total of 29 marriages, 8 engagements, and 15 children, according to Woolery.

If they both agreed that the date had been successful, the couple would be reunited onstage; otherwise, the date's participation in the show ended.

Woolery would then reveal the vote result; if the guest had had a successful date with the vote winner, Woolery would congratulate the couple for making a "love connection," and they would usually (but not always) accept the offered prize of a second date at the show's expense.

A year later, in a Daily Variety Magazine trade ad promoting the end of the original shows' run after 11 seasons, it was stated that there were 35,478 taped interviews, 2,120 Shows, 31 Marriages, and 20 babies.

The great majority of contestants in the original series were in their twenties and had never been married.

For many years it was third behind Merv Griffin's Jeopardy!

and Wheel of Fortune (formerly hosted by Woolery) for longest lasting game show in syndication, but since has been surpassed by Family Feud and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

(In the 1998-99 version, home viewers voted online and were included in the tally.) The guest then revealed whom he or she had actually dated, and the date joined the conversation from backstage via closed-circuit television camera.

Woolery led the guest and date to discuss their time together.

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