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This page describes using and configuring DHCP for IPv4 (DHCPv4) and IPv6 (DHCPv6) to enable automatic updating of both the forward and reverse mapping zone file.

While this is extremely useful for IPv4 it is practically essential for IPv6.

# DDNS statements ddns-updates on; # default but good practice ddns-update-style interim; # only supported active option allow client-updates; # default but good practice do-forward-updates; # default but good practice ...

# zone clauses are optional and required # only to define params for DDNS # may be one or more zone clauses zone zone 2.168.192.# must be at least one subnet clause # in a file subnet netmask # other clauses may exist, for example, group or host # which are not relevant for DDNS configuration # and are not shown The skeleton file to enable DDNS from the DHCP server using IP security is shown below.

ISC DHCP does not (as of v4.x) support SIG(0) and it is not discussed further.DHCP provides a lot of flexibility using a bucket load of statements and many clauses to control its behavior.These statements are defined in the configuration file.The lease time in effect says how long the PC/Server may retain the IP address before it must request another one or renew its lease.Because the IP addresses are being allocated dynamically by the DHCP server, this poses a problem for any DNS configuration which needs to keep track of both the forward map (name to IP address) and possibly the reverse map (IP address to name).

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