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They give the job seekers very little information about the “job” (it’s not a job at all…

rather it is a position in the MLM pyramid), con them into showing up for an interview, and telling them if they have the right skills, they may be invited to stay for an information session.

Like, you might be able to trick them into showing up without knowing the company name, but then what?Later I learned that they do “whatever it takes” to lure someone out, then rely on the hyped-up emotions stirred up by the Opportunity Night presentation to get them to sign the agreement and pay to join.Sitting there listening, my mind went back to the phone call that him and I had, when my interview was booked.Now of course I realize that I was probably the only one who wanted to learn. they’re so good at manipulating, or “leveraging” as they call it..they create false demand and artificial scarcity all the time.

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