Nigirian dating scam

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Only when he tries to collect the money is he approached for payment of facilitation fees to get his winnings to him.It’s the same con, with just a few elements unimportant to the execution of the thievery changed about.Those who were suckered into this paid for one failed rescue attempt after another, with the fictitious prisoner continuing to languish in his non-existent dungeon, always just one more bribe, one more scheme, one more try, away from being released.These days it’s trapped funds not errant sons of well-to-do families that are the objects of these global wild goose chases, but the con is the same.It doesn’t matter if the letter says it came from the Nigerian scam. Once the scam is explained, it seems so obvious a con that you’d wonder who would fall for it.Yet fall for it people do because they’re mesmerized by the wealth that will soon be theirs.

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HOWEVER, BY VIRTUE OF OUR POSITION AS CIVIL SERVANTS AND MEMBERS OF THIS PANEL, WE CANNOT ACQUIRE THIS MONEY IN OUR NAMES. THIS WAY WE WILL USE YOUR COMPANY’S NAME TO APPLY FOR PAYMENT AND THE CONTRACT IN YOUR COMPANY’S NAME.This he parts with willingly, thinking “What’s ,000 here or ,000 there when I’m going to end up with when this is all done?” He fails to realize during the sting that he’s never going to get the promised fortune; all of this messing around is designed to part him from his money.They also fail to realize there’s a hook hanging just out of sight; at first all they see is that someone wants to give them something, thus they’re ill-prepared to mentally shift gears when that person turns the tables.Because the premise of “I’m going to get millions of dollars” is wholeheartedly swallowed early on, it’s not at a later point questioned when things begin to go wrong with the transaction and the dupes who have been targeted are asked to dig up some funds to help move things along. According to a 1997 newspaper article: , it was known as ‘The Spanish Prisoner’ con.

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