Dating in sobriety

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You can't possibly know ALL of the suggestions as they are only another person's opinions. All this "rule" means is that you need some time to figure yourself out (the new, sober you) before you take on the added challenge of a new relationship.

Of course life still goes on, you may suffer from unexpected events and tragedies and have to deal with them.

Give yourself a break, concentrate on your recovery, then see if you are ready to 'date.' J M H O Love and hugs, __________________ God Bless You All As You Trudge The Road Of Happy Destiny (especially when you are trudgin thru alligators up to your butt) Sobriety: AA June 7, 1981 Codependency: Alanon June 7, 1984 I will agree...

You apparently don't know this, but AA has No Rules. The big book actually advocates having a well rounded life.

But dating is an event that you choose for yourself, not one forced on you like losing a job, death/illness of a loved one, etc.

For me, I started with AA, did a supervised 30 day detox, and a 2 month rehab stay.

My experience with dating was I dated every chance i could while getting sober.

As a matter of fact, I got booted out for a night because I not only missed curfew, but I had some sex on this particular date too. Not a big deal for me, I'd slept outside in worse conditions, besides, I was sober, and feeling pretty good about my date that night.

If you're feeling good and confident in yourself and you think you're ready then go for it.

One thing I'll say is that be ready for some emotions you haven't felt in a while sober.

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