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Chuck and Casey continue to maintain their cover as Buy More employees, and various other agents frequent the store as both staff and customers, including various undercover agents code-named "Greta".

With Operation Bartowski cancelled in the season 4 finale, "Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger", and the team dismissed, the government's front company strips Castle and sells the Buy More.

Neighboring "big box" stores in the shopping center are Large Mart Sarah Walker maintains a cover as an employee of the Wienerlicious and, subsequently, the Orange Orange.

The Orange Orange – like the Buy More – is a façade for, and secret entrance to, the underground Castle base.

Buy More is a fictional big-box electronics retail chain in NBC's action-comedy series Chuck.

The Buy More is a parody of similar chains, particularly Best Buy.

However, passages in the employee break room and home theater rooms continued to link the store to the facility.

Current and recent notable employees are listed by their last held position.

In the series finale, "Chuck Versus the Goodbye", as Team Bartowski breaks up, Buy More is soon purchased by Subway, much to the delight of Big Mike.

The Buy More management team have tended to become romantically involved with each other's female relatives.

Prior to Season 4, it was rebuilt by the US Government to be used as a CIA substation.

In the first season of the series, the Buy More serves as the team's primary base of operations before moving to Castle in the beginning of Season 2.

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