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In the heart, I get a very slight cumin/caraway note which is awesome. Just a bit, but it could be a mossiness in the patchouli. I loved it so so much, it was deep, slightly spicy, rich and sweet to me.It made me feel like a grown up (I was 15 at the time).I asked my grandpa if I could keep a bottle as there were 5 of them.He said yes, and I remember being so happy to have my own bottle of this delicious perfume.It opens with a sweet almost orange blossom which must be the fruits and jasmine. It literally smells like smoke in clothes and amber. patchouli has been a hit or miss for me in that regard, so i'm glad it's not an issue. We wound up drinking a good bit and then entertaining ourselves with several rounds of karaoke, and each time I sniff the T. cap I think of that one-off, lighthearted, whimsical night. It smelled old, reminded me of dusty tapestries with a middle-eastern, oriental vibe. Does anyone else notice the similarity with CK's Obsession? Another mistake of a blind buy based on rave reviews. agreed on the banana/melon notes - definitely moreso than any citrus listed, but whatever it is, it's a nice warm creaminess that persists throughout.However, intially it has a very strong indian floral hit that fades within half an hour.

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I did not think I would like this because of the fruity notes, but I love it. The sandalwood and patch help dry it out a bit to keep it from the syrupy top. inexpensive enough for everyday if i want, and the base really suits my chemistry and doesn't leave an odd synthetic smell on my clothes after the next day. I'm getting durian and tamarind as fruit notes rather than the banana and melon other reviewers mention. If you haven't tried durian,consider yourself fortunate. I am not a fan of indian food either so this is a pass for me. Whatever notes that are creating this durian and tamarind smell to me is giving Todd Oldham a spicy indian food vibe.Also reminds me of something I've worn in the late 80's early 90's, that I suspect was common at the time. One more thing I love is that the mini bottles have a screw on lid instead of the stopper that has to be pulled out as I usually make a mess of those and I worry that they will either be so tight I that cant get them open or they will loosen and open when I dont want them to.. It smell like Angel but with more spice..seems to have a bit of cumin mixed in with the cinnamon, although it isn't noted in the fragrance description.I think it smells quite beautiful, lasts a very long time on the skin.

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