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All in all, I faked my happiness throughout the day and couldn’t wait for it to end.Thinking about the day makes me cringe and I hate my wedding pictures.You may have trouble moving past the disappointment of your wedding day because you never moved past an earlier event.If you’ve identified an unresolved matter from your past and can see the connection to how you now feel, that knowledge, in and of itself, may help you start to move past your current disappointment.To resolve the old hurt, some people engage in stream-of-consciousness writing which they find cathartic; others work with a therapist; others simply talk it through with a supportive person.

Some of us experience family fights, caterers who serve the wrong food, rude photographers, bridal gown wardrobe failure, and even an outdoor chuppah in the pouring rain.

All these events can mar the happiness of that long-awaited day, but when the couple looks at the big picture, they’re happy to be together and can slowly put the disappointment of the less-than-perfect wedding behind them.

We’d like to say that your disappointment will ebb with time, but when we see someone struggling as you are, we suspect it’s because of an unresolved hurt in the past.

While I feel the transition to daily life was easy for me and my husband, I still feel gypped for having never reached that high.

My husband feels horrible that I had such a painful wedding day experience, but he does not understand how it still affects me.

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