Back dating child tax credit

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The purchase must be made to allow this person to live in a home that is more accessible or better suited to their needs. Refer to for more information If you had home renovations in 2016 for the benefit of someone who qualifies for the DTC, you may claim up to ,000 of expenses. In this case as you are filing for past credits, you must include them in your letter.Make sure that they are broken down by year and category.You, or your partner have a disability If you’re making a new claim for Working Tax Credit the Tax Credit Office may be able to backdate any payments you’re entitled to (including any extra tax credits for being disabled) for more than three months.For this to happen both of the following need to apply: If you’re already getting Working Tax Credit and are now claiming extra tax credits for having a disability tell the Tax Credit Office as soon as you know that you’re entitled to a qualifying sickness or disability related benefit, for example Disability Living Allowance.

This is granted by the government after a successful filing of the T2201 form. If you are not interested in getting a substantial amount of money from the government, please stop reading now!Of course, as readers of my website, you obviously consulted my T2201 guide and ensured that birth was the effective date of the disability. If you were unaware of this, you can certainly re-apply for the DTC with updated information using the form T2201.Once the DTC eligibility is in hand, many of the tax credits can be back dated to the effective date of the disability, but in most cases, you have to ask for it.No receipts are required and again the T1-ADJ form is used.Refer to for more information. Normally this is for first time home buyers, but if you purchased a home for the benefit of someone who qualifies for the DTC, then you may be eligible for this ,000 tax credit. Receipts must be supplied to back up your claims for the following credits/deductions: Normally when filing a tax return, you would not include receipts, but rather hold on to them in case CRA asks for them.

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