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If we feel that we are pure as long as we don’t cross “the line” then we could assume any physical intimacy leading up to “that line” is fine . The end goal of purity is none other than to see the face of God."Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God." (Matthew 5:8) So "how far can we go? (Who doesn't want to see God at the end of their life here on earth?Young people are bombarded by images of impure and sinful relationships.The notion of chastity would seem to some to be one that is outdated.) But don’t even step on the path that leads toward impurity (because we all know what the alternative is to seeing God!

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Chastity is the way to put love into practice in our relationships both before marriage and after marriage.

It is an exclusive relationship, in that one chooses to enter into courtship with only one person at a time.

If a couple discerns that marriage is not their calling, they end the courtship relationship.

And courtship provides the framework for living out chastity. This is a completely false notion and it often leads to the question that young people dating ask: “How far can we go?

We are mistaken when we think that purity is a line, and as long as we don’t cross it, we remain pure. ” The answer to that question comes from a correct understanding of purity. As long as you are on a path that is leading you to “that line”, then you are on the path of impurity and need to get off that path, turn around and aim your heart and actions toward purity.

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