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His reply was” “My craft would ultimately come first, there would be exceptions but for the most part, no, we have our whole lives to date. It is completely valid for him to not want to put his dreams on hold or compromise the work for just any person. As cliché as the saying “there are plenty of fish in the sea” is, it’s true.In my experience as a writer who wants to move to a major media city post-graduation and take the world by storm with my laptop, pen, and favorite captioned notebook, I can vouch for the fact that an artist’s desire to be free to dream and do for as long as possible is anything but selfish. If a romantic partner can’t understand that and make you feel even the slightest bit guilty for having creative ambitions and a desire to make the most out of your life as an artist, then they do not have a place in your life.Du Bois: North Brooklyn is one of the more interesting maps, because it really illustrates the culture that’s taken root there.You’ve got “DJ,” “glamorous,” “writing,” “hoodie,” “hipsters” and “psychiatrist.” You’ve also got a lot of music genres like “electro” and “noise.” Du Bois: In New Jersey, some of them make complete sense.Du Bois: One of Seattle’s biggest words is obvious — “sound,” as in Puget Sound.But around the city you also get words like “pretty,” “heartbreak,” “gig” and “cigarette.” That’s what dating someone from Seattle is like — they play in a band, they smoke, and you end up heartbroken.Upon interviewing my one of my best friends Jake Neuman, a film student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, he told me that he has had his fair share of struggles in terms of finding a romantic partner or even going on dates with someone he is interested in. It gives me an escape from the tumultuous world we live in. I will always make my artistic career a top priority and it takes a truly incredible fellow to change that and make me even try to compromise my work or dreams of making it big. I have goals and plans, and those who truly love you will support you in the end and, in turn, you’ll support them.” Some may view this as a harsh reply but, to be honest, there’s so much truth in Jake’s response.

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Whether you are a painter, writer, dancer, musician, or filmmaker – to name just a few examples within the artist family – chances are you have undergone your fair share of struggles in the dating world.

Artists are also some of the most compassionate, dedicated, intelligent people out there and to date one is a privilege.

If an artist chooses you as a partner, know that the decision was not impulsive or casual.

Moreover, anyone within the artistic realm has likely undergone a reaction to these utterances of the unpleasant variety. People will not believe you when you say you’re busy even when you genuinely are.

There is a reason why artists stay single and it is because their craft is everything to them and it takes an extraordinary person to make them want to give up their art for.

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