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The guys didn't charge me to get in on night 3 and there was no problem if I did not buy the girls drinks. I narrowly escaped an attack but my friend was not so lucky. Good luck I checked out this website pretty thoroughly whilest out in Krakow on a stag do recently as we were looking for someplaces to go in the main square.

I was on my own on all occasions and was not intimidated at all. Do not listen to the 5 star reviews - they are quite obviously posted by owners or friends of the club. I'd recomened going to the Irish Mbasy to start you night, its a good atmosphere and they have a great live band too, you can also grab a bite to eat at a decent price.

As I didn't know this girl or find her relitivley attractive I wasn't sure this was a pleasant surprise. 20 minutes and £450 later I'm still in the room with a raging erection and no sense of closure.

They then asked me for another dance but I had to decline as I had already spent all of my Christmas money.

Local Life Krakow is about to select candidates for Best Places awards, dedicated to rewarding and encouraging excellence in products, service and ideas. With a convenient entrance off Marka street (the club is above the new KFC on Florianska), you don't have to go far to find to your Taboo.

Gather your mates together for an evening of entertainment with the best music and 20 nice and pretty girls nightly. Cool off your lusty thirst at Taboo's fully stocked bar.

Anyways a lady approached me, she wasn't my first choice In anyway shape of form. I told her I was a trainee doctor studying in my 3rd year.Overall the dance was very average and it was similar to the ones you can get on grand theft auto.I will not be going back here as I believe it's one giant scam. If the owners of this club and other clubs in Krakow are bothered to read these reviews they should take note of the following.She opened up to me and told me she was a trainee lawyer. She previously worked in the fast food industry and it wasn't her cup of tea.The 'Nice waitress' approached me with a menu, she was very pushy insinuating that I must buy a dance.

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