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That could mean losing the opportunity to go on a second date even if it were an awesome experience otherwise,” warns Edwards.If you’ve been chatting up a chick who’s new to your city, ask her to meet you at a secret, insider spot in your city.One background that can lead to this trope is to be Raised by Wolves—growing up with animal parents.Alternatively, they may have had an isolated or abused childhood or Sacrificed Basic Skill for Awesome Training. They may be bamboozled by the opposite sex and ask What Is This Thing You Call "Love"? Alternately, they may have had social skills in the past, but after being away on The Quest or some other mission for an extended time, may find themselves unable to reintegrate due to being a Shell-Shocked Veteran or a Stranger in a Familiar Land.

“Take her to a cool coffee shop with a few specialty lattes of their own.It's best to grab your drinks and then go for a walk with them versus sitting in the shop, though.Coffee shop ambiance isn't generally the most romantic and can create a friend zone vibe,” she warns.Quite often a point is made of stating that this character is very intelligent or "learns fast" to make sure the audience doesn't just write them off as dense and to justify characters trying to help them adjust, or as an excuse for why they've adjusted as well as they did.If done poorly, either of these versions of intelligence can become an Informed Ability.

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