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The use of authentic tasks is derived from social constructivist principles of locating learning in the context of reality.

Authentic tasks can foster learning transfer because collaboration among students not only helps them learn the concepts under discussion but also exemplifies how these concepts are used in real-world contexts.

They may even need to develop new mental models of what it means to teach.

They can start by formulating individual answers to fundamental questions, such as the nature of authentic activity.

Before the widespread diffusion of computers and Internet technologies, it was much more difficult—and in some situations even impossible—for instructors or instructional designers to use authentic activities in real-life settings because of the limitations of the subject matter, time and finances, and practical constraints and risks of physically moving students to fields of practice.

With the development of Web technology, such limitations have eased.

Fortunately, communication programs such as e-mail, bulletin boards, and the other interactive tools found in commercial or public-domain course management systems allow learners to discuss problems, debate issues, and exchange information regarding task completion and related activities.Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines An important implication of these definitions is that authentic activities have the potential to foster meaningful intellectual accomplishment and learning, since authentic learning activities are directly related to students' real-life experiences.If the learning tasks are authentic, then students can make direct connections between the new material and their prior experience.Many higher education instructors (as well as K–12 teachers) are becoming interested in using authentic activities in their online teaching.Before they can do this, however, educators must acquire confidence in the efficacy of the approach.

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