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I took a good look at it and noticed the quality and craftsmanship of the construction of the guitar.I recently carried it to a local music store and had a professional opinion about fixing it.I found an Espana guitar in my wifes attic when we were dating.She was going to throw it out, because the bridge was missing and there were a couple of blemishes on it.I'm pretty certain that Joni's first guitar was an Espana (purchased in Calgary at Eaton's (perhaps? Jan Thank you for confirming what i knew instantly as well.) around the 1963-1964 time period), but sure would like some of your expert opinions. Anyone interested, I'd be happy to email you the photo for your opinion. [email protected] saw your post about an Espana guitar from the 60s and I want you to know that I actually have one that I'm trying to determine a value for. This SL-1 Espana guitar was very special form the first time I laid eyes and ears on it.Interested in selling it if you know anyone who might be interested or could tell me a value I would appreciate it. No physical problems because I took good care of it over the years. On the particular classic acoustic i have acquired there is a sticker. I wondered if this is normal or makes the guitar more special in some way.

I purchased an Espana back in high school in 1965, a model SL-1. It was described as a "handcrafted 3/4 size classical".

It's been sitting in my closet for years and wanted to know if it was worth anything. : I have not been able to determine what became of the Espana company nor when they stopped producing guitars.

i also have one but cant find any infe on it [email protected]: Espana guitars were widely available in Canada about 35 years ago.

After reading some of the comments I've found online, including yours, i decided to buy a espana sl 16 grand concert guitar.

it seems like this particular model went on for sale in 1968.

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