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The Kinect automatically signs in its users and, after insetting a disc, it's almost hands-free until the credits roll. Where these pre-movie voice commands really come in handy is when working with the console at a distance.

When the Dashboard appears on the screen, beginning playback is as easy as saying "Xbox select play disc." Does the movie have a boatload of previews? The commands work well beyond the couch or recliner.

There's an external power brick that's a pretty massive piece of hardware in its own right. The Xbox One cannot even sit vertically in the entertainment system; Microsoft sternly warns against it.

The controller is a little smaller than its widely acclaimed predecessor, and it still doesn't come with a built-in rechargeable battery, instead shipping with a pair of AA juicers. So size, the extra cost of either batteries or a charging kit for the controller (which is not the only handheld means of interfacing with Blu-ray discs, more on that later), and placement limitations are all legitimate strikes against the system.

In fact, they work while in the kitchen, preparing a snack, for example.

It's very easy and very convenient and very accurate even at a distance, and the ability to multitask and have the main menu up and running before even sitting down is a huge plus, and it's a lot of fun, too.

Oh, and there was also that little skirmish with Sony over the Blu-ray format, which certainly alienated a good number of Blu-ray proponents. And it wasn't just empty fanboy ire and cross-platform ribbing.

That included keeping the Kinect in the basic bundle, raising the cost by 0 over Sony's Play Station 4, that console appearing to be the runway winner of the next-generation race months before either machine even shipped. Sony's seemingly victorious console was a huge success upon its debut, moving some 1,000,000 units on day one and pushing a lot of games into homes thanks to a blizzard of big sales from the big box stores and a handful of freebies on the pay-to-access Play Station Plus service.I ended up taking a screenshot using the Share button.:)I can't remember checking on the PS3 but it makes sense why it wouldn't update the Players Met list.And it's easy to dismiss Microsoft's platform for that reason alone, not to mention a rather long list of other real and perceived negatives.It's a physically bigger box than the PS4, a bulky thing that looks like a 1980's VCR, albeit a very sleek 1980's VCR.

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